djummi.025: rokotak – Punkt und Komma

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rokotak - Punkt und Komma (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi records,

Spring is getting off to an eventful start: First, two weeks ago, MARX from Berlin released the single “Suddenly”. Today, the new album by rokotak will follow.

The latter spontaneously moves me to the question: what would the written word be without punctuation marks? Or to put it better: What use are punctuation marks without expert punctuation? For some, they are fly droppings, for others, like Milan Greulich, a means of artistic design. However, what made him call his second album “Punkt und Komma” remains a mystery. In any case, we can be sure that the punctuation marks are in good hands with rokotak.

In this spirit: as with the previous album, the 12 new songs come with the usual word virtuoso subtlety and are carried by rokotak’s very own Small-Town-Americana sound, which he has consistently sharpened on the new record.

So look forward to rokotak’s new intellectual worlds, his slightly shady humor, and sanguine weltschmerz! “Punkt und Komma” has been released digitally as a stream and download, as well as on CD.

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