Cinnabar Club – Cosmic Cartel / Romance Model

(deutsche Version)

Cinnabar Club - Cosmic Cartel / Romance Model (Cover)

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Text/Music/Production: Liam Gourlay
Vocals: Caitlin and Liam Gourlay
Mixing/Production: M. S. Christ
Mastering: Conor Dalton

Artwork: Klaus Christ


After the debut “AOTN”, for the double single Cosmic Cartel/Romance Model, Cinnabar Club continued their journey and further explored the genre “Kosmiche”, a mixture of Electro-Pop, Italo-Disco and Krautrock. They came up with two new songs that, compared to their first single, are no less ambiguously electro and definitely danceable.

The lyrics sung by Caitlin and Liam leave a lot of room for interpretation, provide clues and puzzles at the same time. There are these hooklines like “come on give me the love” or “living without you is living too slow”, which are not missing from any pop song, which stay in your memory and ultimately create an ohrwurm. They are integrated into an overall text that is anything but platitude-like and rather encrypted.

Cinnabar Club function and sabotage, musically and poetically. They serve listening habits and, at the same time, disrupt their smooth functioning.

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