MARX – Suddenly

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MARX - Suddenly (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi records,

I remember hearing this song for the first time. That was in the spring of 2009 at an art festival on Friedrichstrasse 52 in Dresden when the friedrichstadtZentral still was ruling at that place. Mr. Marx played solo and also the song “Suddenly”, late on a mild evening in an enchanted backyard in front of an attentive audience. Back then it was already something special to see him alone on stage since Johannes Marx was best known as part of the Berlin electropop trio Pitchtuner. But the sound of his solo program also differed from the music that was previously known from him. In any case, he got me that evening with his other, so reduced instrumented and charmingly irresistible pop.

The paths of a musician are unfathomable, or let’s say: they rarely run in a straight line. And sometimes the right time for a music project is simply a long time coming. Nevertheless, the MARX project has grown continuously in the slightly hidden, appeared on the scene from time to time in recent years for individual and always special concerts, and has grown over time into an artist collective that has constantly developed the sound of MARX with changing line-ups. The only thing that hasn’t been released so far is the music. But that will change now.

So it starts with “Suddenly” and for the summer, that much can already be revealed, we can even look forward to a real long player.

Well then. Please welcome MARX, the new artist here on djummi records! Have fun listening or watching, because there is also a wonderful music video for the song produced by René Schulz.

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