MARX – Belonging

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MARX - Belonging (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi records,

is the wish for a better world actually utopian and is the hope for a peaceful coexistence of people only reserved for dreamers and idealists? It often appears that way and someone who demonstrates with the slogan “No War” is ridiculed by those who are simply realistic.

It may be naïve to openly express the desire for peace when you live in a world where the exact opposite is happening over and over again. But the wish is still true and even more existential. I think it is therefore absolutely justified and necessary. Only the wishes that you say out loud and share with others have a chance of eventually being fulfilled.

“Belonging” is also such an expression, an outcry (a quiet one). It describes the longing for the place where you feel like you belong to other people and where you can be who you are. Oh dear, just another pipe dream…

“Belonging” is the first single from MARX’s debut album, which will be released in June. Enjoy a song that sounds like it’s going on “Moon Safari” (if you know what I mean).

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