Dave Schoepke – Thoughtspoken [single]

(deutsche Version)

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Dave Schoepke – drums, synths, engineering
Recorded at Go Play With Traffic Studio, Hartland Wisconsin
Marco Sebastian Christ – pre-mastering
Chris Muth – mastering

Deborah Sheedy – art illustration
Al Luening – layout


Thoughtspoken, a spoken thought. Fleeting. Lost in thought. Indefinite. With searching beats and tense silences in between, this short story is told with a seemingly open ending. Something remains uncertain and hidden. Something causes discomfort and there seems to be no resolution. Twin Peaks vibes maybe.

In terms of atmosphere, the track is similar to the dystopian sound of “Cloudcutter”, the previous single. But the narrative means are different. The filigree, tentative playing of “Thoughtspoken” shows the other side of “Sun Will Follow”, Dave Schoepke’s third album, which will be released on March 1st!


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