Welcome to djummi records!

djummi is a small independent music label from Dresden, Germany. It aims to explore and release fantastic music!

djummi has different kinds of releases: Some are free to download, some are not and available on CD-R, AUDIO-CD or even vinyl. And some are a mixture of both or everything.

In Dresden, some CDs are available at Grooveamt Records, Rothenburger Str. 24. Please check the release pages for details!

djummi records

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djummi.029: Cinnabar Club – Cosmic Cartel/Romance Model

(deutsche Version) Dear friends of djummi records, Cinnabar Club is back with two new tracks! Enjoy the singles “Romance Model” and “Cosmic Cartel” (which comes in two different versions). Both are nicely danceable kosmiche songs with puzzling lyrics. Get your … get more