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Mellow Movie Music (with a penchant for epic cinema)

Set up around 2011 by the brothers Thomas und Stefan Weiß (former Planet 9, Tolex Blonde, Miles Miles Smile and Pitchtuner) as a recycling project for over the years accumulated fragments, that hadn’t matured to actual songs, Llankrú never considered itself as a mere charitable society for failed hooklines or even as a musical surplus outlet. Completed by drummer Julia Stephan (Miles Miles Smile, Superman Stronzo, Shortcuts) and temporarily joined by the guitarists Michael Rautenberg (The Child, Analoque) and Tilo Witt (Neige, Sugar Ko:ma) rather casually a style evolved, that is noticeably inspired by the 90ies Post and Noise Rock, but as well shaped by current influences – timeless in a manner of speaking. Referred to as „Mellow Movie Music“ by Llankrú itself, this music has indeed plenty of soundtrack potential, due to the frugal use of vocals and its open songstructures.

Since 2018 Llankrú plays as a trio. But despite of the clearer and more compact sound, its liking for refined but still unobtrusive arrangements hasn‘t changed. Still “more sustainability than fairground racket, hooklines/flourish want/will (whether from behind or the front/regardless whether you want to or not) hook upwards the ear canal and always turning around each other.“ (cit. Andreas Schulze)

current line-up:
Thomas Weiß (guitar, vocals, samples)
Stefan Weiß (bass, vocals, samples)
Julia Stephan (drums, vocals, glockenspiel, harmonica)

djummi.007 – Llankrú (2017)
djummi.022 – Llankrú – Half Way Café (2022)

Links: Bandcamp | Sonicsquirrel | Facebook

31.05.24: Sankt Pieschen / Time Square, Dresden, 20:15 h
20.03.24: Veränderbar, Release-Party DIE GESTE #3 – reading and concert, Dresden, 20 h
21.10.23: Veränderbar, Dresden, 20:30 h (with The Good Hex)
17.09.22: Hinterhof Hechtsuppe, Dresden, 17:30 h
25.06.22: Mondfisch, Dresden, 21 h
11.06.22: Veränderbar, Dresden: CD-Release
14.12.19: Veränderbar, Dresden
15.06.19: Veränderbar, Dresden, BRin der Veränderbar, 20h
20.10.18: Veränderbar, Dresden – with MARX from Berlin
28.04.18: supporting MARX (Berlin) – Veränderbar, Dresden, 21h | CANCELED
03.02.18: Bandstand – Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden
21.10.17: Record Release Party at Veränderbar (Dresden), start 21h


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