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Photo: Andreas Güttel

Three busy gentlemen with music centre point in Dresden (Germany) meet first in March 2011 for a jam session. Quickly they feel their commonalities in the way to understand music and to develop songs. Further sessions follow, for which guitarist and song idea inventor Sören Bartusch specially shuttles from Frankfurt/Main until summer 2017. Together with bassist Dirk Koslowski and drummer David Friedemann by and by he gives his musical scetches the sound of a band.

In spite of not many but mostly very intensive rehearsals, in the course of time material for at least one album arises. But first of all they are interested in playing live, which the three do frequently. Mainly in Dresden they attract great interest with always impulsive concerts. Even more than with the variation of loudness, the diving into deep melancholy and the rolling of cheerful grooves, the band surprises with weird passages and unexpected rhythm changes. But those never overcharge: Always the song and the telling of a story is in the foreground.

And after all they take the decision to make an album with the in the meantime well matured music: Without further ado they record eleven songs on just one weekend.

So, the circle closes: With „anfang august ende september“ menkenkes’ first longplayer finally is released.

Dirk Koslowski: bass
Sören Bartusch: guitar
David Friedemann: drums

Release: djummi.006 – anfang august ende september (2017)

Links: Bandcamp | Sonicsquirrel

10.12.22: Veränderbar, Dresden, 20:30 h
19.01.19: Societätstheater Dresden, Gutmann-Saal, 20.00 h
03.11.18: Zentralwerk e. V., Dresden – with Mock from Berlin, 20:30 h
21.06.18: Ostpol, Dresden (+ Intergalactic Beat Garden DJ)
23.03.18: Veränderbar, Dresden – with Tortusa/Breitstein from Norway


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