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Breakup-Party is a band and its protagonists are good old friends. This hint is important, because it explains, how a band can work, which is and is not existing at the moment. A ghost band maybe?

Christian, Rudi and the two Steffen know each other from the early days. In the year 2000 they founded a band in their hometown Fürstenwalde (Brandenburg, Germany) and became friends. At that time they played trashpop going under the name of “Honig”. The friendships maintain, even when all of them left into the big wide world in the middle of the 2000s.

Same as the friendships the musical connection endured. From 2010 it was Christian, Rudi and Steffen Ko., who overcame the distances, to rehearse again and to play some concerts now going under the new name of “Breakup-Party”. Susi, also part of the Fürstendwalde circle of friends, joined a little later on. Despite bigger pauses between the rehearsals, they were able to reactivate the musical overlaps and to set a lot of song material in motion.

Now it’s the year 2017. The Partybreaker already have drifted apart again, but not without having kept something from their last creative period. In the year 2014 the band decided to record some of their songs. Thereof the album “Ghosts” was made, which was finished in summer 2017 and was released on djummi-records later on in that year.

The Breakup-Party is confident, that their orbits will cross soon. The next time likely together with Steffen Kutzker, whose orbit is close by the others again.

Christian Ehrich: vocals, guitar, keys, bass
Steffen Koritsch: guitar, bass, vocals
Susann Köppl: bass, vocals, keys
Rüdiger Stahn: drums, percussion, vocals
Steffen Kutzker: guitar, bass

Release: djummi.008 – Ghosts (2017)

Links: Bandcamp

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