Single: rokotak – Ehrliches Gesicht

(deutsche Version)

rokotak - Ehrliches Gesicht (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi-records,

less than a year has past since rokotak’s debut album dropped here at djummi-records. And now he is back again with a new single, a fortaste of his upcoming second album, which presumably will be released at the end of this year.

The song is called “Ehrliches Gesicht”, which could be translated as “honest face”. It’s about taking stock in the middle of the life without giving up the hope of the lifetime dream to come true. Firm optimism versus losing touch with reality. And hope dies at the end anyway as far as we know, doesn’t it?

But rokotak is not just back. He has got a backing, too! The solo project developed to a liveband. Some of the guests from the debut became bandmates in the meantime. On “Ehrliches Gesicht” Alexander Schmidt aka Lex Henrikson plays drums and Tomas Kreibich-Nawka keys.

rokotak sounds a little bit rougher now, even if he remains true to the americana style actually. This all still makes sense and works pretty well together in my opinion.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new single even if you are not familiar with the German language. And please stay curious for the full album coming in the second half of 2022.

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