djummi.028: Shortcuts – Maldonado

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Shortcuts - Maldonado (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi records,

there is a new Shortcuts album! A little more than 10 years have passed since the debut “Thanks, I Feel Fine” came out in 2012. So no one should think that just because it’s called “Shortcuts” it’s always quick and easy to press the music into shapes. But don’t worry: the new songs on “Maldonado” are, as usual, entertaining. They are always straight to the point and you’ll look for double choruses in vain. And the numbers speak for themselves: 13 titles in 31:25 minutes!

With this in mind: Have fun with a good half hour of genre fireworks from folk, pop, punk, techno and desert rock in Lofidelity deluxe and of course with Mr. Schulze’s magnificent lyrics.

Oh yes, for a change “Maldonado” is once again a true Netaudio release with a cc-license and a free download option. Of course you can also find the album on the streaming services. And: It’s available on CD, together with a wonderfully illustrated edition of Andreas Schulze’s children’s story “Ein Stern namens Rolf”.

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