djummi.026: MARX – From Here To Where

(deutsche Version)

From Here To Where (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi records,

how nice that this album is out! MARX guarded their treasure for a long, very long time, and only those who had the opportunity to experience the band live at one of their rare concerts got to hear their music. Of course, MARX didn’t intentionally withhold their songs from the public. As with many music projects, the band’s history did not run in a straight line here either. Changes in cast, intermissions and in the end pandemic. So, I can only repeat it again: I’m really happy that this album is out!

The two pre-singles “Belonging” and “Falling Apart” have already pretty well defined the field within which the album moves in terms of sound. MARX themselves like to use the hashtags #downtempo, #slowcore and #dreampop to explain their music in words. #escapemusic sums it all up wonderfully for me. And the twelve tracks can actually manage to pave the way for the listener to a slowed-down state of mind.

The album could be titled “melancholy” thematically: the mostly English lyrics sometimes deal with the question of the meaning of live, sometimes with existential doubts and fears. But the album is also about hope, the longing for awareness and the way to inner peace. This sounds grandiose, but it isn’t. MARX find simple words for all this.

So, please feel the calm of this record and accompany MARX on the way from here to where.

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