Tending to Huey – Poison Apple

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Tending to Huey - Poison Apple

Music/Text: Tending to Huey
Mixing: Jürgen Daßing
Mastering: Jürgen Daßing
Artwork: Marc Roska

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Things, which contrast with others, become more effective. The more precise a contrast is, the more clearly the particular qualities differ from each other. A colour may be appealing for itself, but not until the interaction with or, better, in opposition to other colours. That’s how its real charisma becomes evident. The result of this contention is called composition. Its success depends on the way the components concur. Or simply said: friction generates heat.

So, with being creative it’s advisable to use force, to risk confronting elements with each other. But always remembering that this could contain the possibility to destroy everything. The risk factor marks the salt in the soup, like in the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, where the poisoned apple is the decisive weight between Good or Bad.

Dealing with their music Tending to Huey are prone to violence. Under the cover of Pop they let collide most various genres, sounds and moods. There are the beautiful and the ugly, the glowing and the dark, the homogeneous and the coarse. The catchy and the bulky. And all that titled: Poison Apple. The poisoned apple is the symbol of this tightrope walk between the extremes and of the question, in whose favour this trial of strength will turn out.

Tending to Huey are excellent songwriters, who do not shy away from dealing wastefully with earworm-melodies. They realize it with a versatile and often surprising selection of instruments, from the intimate lofi-bonfire western-guitar, with the accomplished use of sampling and synthesizers to opulent string and brass arrangements. In addition to that there are these direct, unaffected vocals. Furthermore the songs impress rhythmically with partly quite unconventional beats, which however preserve the groove.

Poison Apple shows up with ease but is, at the same time, very complex in its design. It’s a thrilling album right from the start into which you can dive deeply – a fabulous and bravely composed listening-adventure. Not just pure Pop!

The Album is available on CD and it comes in a very nice digipak with an extensive booklet.

Apple Core EP

Another part of this release is the Apple Core EP. In the truest sense of the word it’s the quintessence of Poison Apple. It concentrates the album in form of 5 well picked songs. The EP, to which a nice booklet with lyrics, photos etc. belongs, is available as a free download.

Tending to Huey - Apple Core E.P.

free download (mp3, zip) | booklet (pdf)

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