Shortcuts – Thanks, I Feel Fine

(deutsche Version)

Shortcuts - Thanks, I feel fine

Music/Texts: Shortcuts/Andreas Schulze
Mixing: Andreas Schulze, Marco Sebastian Christ
Mastering: Marco Sebastian Christ
Guest vocals: Kerstin Zeller, Anne Rosinski, Mike König, Frenk Lösche
Artwork: Birgit Enderlein, Susana Luis

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Ichi, ni, san, shi!

Nearly for the last 20 years he has left his marks on the Dresden music-underground. In the 90ies he shaped bands like Aspekte der Eitelkeit und Montana Peachclub. During the last years he was responsible for the project Lindbergh. Every time he was interested in the intersection of the genres Folk, Pop and Elektro to form songs, which tell stories, erratic and with a homogeneous sound.

With his current band Shortcuts Andreas Schulze again remains true to his vocabulary. But not only the conceptual use of Nintendos playstation DS as an electronic sound source, but also the participation of drummer Julia Stephan (Flanschies) and guitarist Marco Sebastian Christ (ne:o) makes it possible to ensnare his thread with pleasant fine and rich in contrast ideas.

Thanks, I Feel Fine is the trio’s first album. 11 close-cropped songs, 11 stories in english and german language, a journey full of daydreams and sleepless nights, which ends with an enquiring gaze back and with the wish “AGAIN!” spoken out loud.

The Album is not just available as a free download, in addition the band offers a physical version in form of a 10-inch record containing the songs Flying Jive, Stuhlstück, Holy Sand and Ulrich, die Made plus the complete album on cd-r. All covers were designed by the band’s circle of friends. Each copy is unique. It can be orded from us at tbe price of 15 € plus shipping. Just select your favorite design and get in touch with us: