djummi.020: rokotak – Riech an Blumen (Und merk dir ihre Namen)

(deutsche Version)

rokotak - Riech an Blumen (Und merk dir ihre Namen) (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi records,

puh! Two releases in one week – this is something new for djummi. But I am sure, I can resign this excess supply of music to you without any worries. And as luck would have it both works are as different as possible. First Dave Schoepke’s wonderful solodrum instrumental kick-off, now rokotak’s Small Town Americana with German texts!

After there was the foretaste of the album with the single Emma in August, now we have the big picture: Riech an Blumen (Und merk dir ihre Namen), – which means Smell the Flowers (and Remember Their Names) in English -, the debut ablum by rokotak aka Milan Greulich, maybe known as the guitarist of the Dresden based band ne:o or bergen. Personally I am very happy about this record, as I know Milan quite a long time now and were also aware of his solo project. I always hoped he will really make this record one day.

And finished: 12 songs, consisting of finest guitar music, somewhere between Americana, Indiefolk and some electro escapades plus these extra ordinairy texts: Milan knows stories and gives thought. He tells with play on words, aphorisms or ingenious humor. Often ambiguous, never with a sense of mission but always fascinating, he deals with love, weltschmerz and the challenge live. Melancholy meets shady humor. And in doubt rokotak lets win optimism in the end. To put it in a nutshell: This work can be called poetic!

I certainly know, this all is hard to comprehend, when you are not able to understand the words. But maybe you’ll give the album a try anyway and enjoy the music plus the strange sound of the German language.

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