Dave Schoepke – Cloudcutter [single]

(deutsche Version)

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Dave Schoepke – drums, synths, engineering
Recorded at Go Play With Traffic Studio, Hartland Wisconsin
Marco Sebastian Christ – pre-mastering
Chris Muth – mastering

Deborah Sheedy – art illustration
Al Luening – layout


Cloudcutter is moving forward undeterred. Determined. Powerful. As if the music accompanied the hero of a dystopian story at the crucial moment. Heavy but agile hits, dark sounds. Industrial. Mad Max. Bladerunner. I’m reminded of the drum-dominant tracks on Trans Am’s early albums, in terms of the dark sound, but also in terms of the demandingness of the drums and the offensiveness of the entire music.

Cloudcutter is the start of Dave Schoepke’s new and third album. And it is different than its predecessors. Schoepke has expanded his instruments to include synthesizers, contrary to his initial dogma of “drums only”, which still characterized the style of the first two albums. The third dimension now opens up for his new sound stories through the mostly ambient spherical sounds. The music gains depth and narrative power. The single Cloudcutter definitely makes you curious about the album, which will be released on March 1st!


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