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The path of analoque begins in Dresden in 1993 with the founding of the quintet the child. Dark Wave is the driving force behind recording the first demo tapes, and they soon manage to gain a small but fine fan base. Over time, the band’s line-up changes again and again and the music meanders towards alternative rock. the child managed to take part in the “Deutscher Rock und Pop Musikerpreis” and was even allowed to play as the opening act for The Cure in the Junge Garde in Dresden in 1998. After 10 years the band is disbanded with dignity.

The two constants from the child, Mike König and Michael Rautenberg, cannot and do not want to leave each other and soon form analoque with Jörg Richter on drums. They create new songs, which the band releases in 2006 on the album “for tomorrow”. The Dresden “Kulturmagazin” writes about this in its May 2006 issue: “analoque, that’s the name of a new star in Dresden’s alternative sky. With their CD debut “For Tomorrow”, the trio manages the balancing act between painfully boring catchiness, dark, psychedelic ambient drama and a groovy rock song.”

In the following years the band continues to work on new songs and sounds, sometimes shrinking into an acoustic guitar duo or occasionally growing into a quintet. analoque plays concerts less often. And even though the time for making music has become scarcer due to side projects, family, work or private strokes of fate, the band is and remains a cornerstone in the musicians’ lives.

As a quartet with Stefan Weiß on drums and Ulrike Erlach on bass, they are heading into the studio in 2020. A selection of the songs recorded ultimately found their way onto the EP “Catch 22”, which was released three years later.

analoque – Catch 22 (2023)
analoque – for tomorrow (2006)

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17.03.24: Zentralwerk | Sonntags im Foyer, Dresden, with Sugar Ko:ma, 19 h
11.11.23: Veränderbar, Dresden, Record Release Concert, 20h

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