rokotak – Ehrliches Gesicht [single]

(deutsche Version)

rokotak - Ehrliches Gesicht (Cover)

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Alexander Schmidt – drums
Tomas Kreibich-Nawka – e-piano, organ

Music/Production/Mixing: Milan Greulich
Mastering: M. S. Christ

Artwork: Milan Greulich


So you had a close encounter with “the woman from the revolution next door”, and she doesn’t even miss you? Well, guess you happen to have one of those honest faces people disregard so easily! That’s what rokotak’s new song “Ehrliches Gesicht” is about. Or isn’t it?
For his first single from the upcoming second album, Milan Greulich aka rokotak blends witty songwriting in German language with americana guitars and a touch of surf.

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