Llankrú – Half Way Café

(deutsche Version)

Llankrú - Half Way Café  (Cover)

Music: Llankrú
Recording: Edgar M. Roethig (Helicopter Tonstudio)
Mixing: M. S. Christ, Thomas Weiß
Mastering: M. S. Christ

Artwork: Thomas Weiß

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Now Llankrú has arrived in the “Half Way Café”. The almost easygoing und playful elation of the debut hasn’t disappeared completely, but has been noticeably reduced. Sometimes that’s the way, when you were en route for a while, stop half way and look back. Then, from time to time the easiness takes a back seat, fatigue, dissatisfaction, maybe doubts about the own action arise, accompanied by hunger for something new, for what’s still lying ahead – has to lie – should lie.

Llankrú has wrapped this ambivalent mixture in musical arrangements and in addition some more emotional conditions you could meet in a “Half Way Café”: acoustic contemplation, maybe about a cup of coffee with a lacing, the transition from useless waiting to speechless rage and melancholic resignation, lonely sadness, but also a new and curious energy, which still does not know already, to where it will like to spread and therefore takes place everywhere at the same time – in contrast to a decent crackling record, which knows its place in the world precisely. All this and with every listening a new detail can be found in Llankrú’s “Half Way Café”, even though not in this named order. Which is why you maybe remain a bit depressed at the end, confused and excited, about the destination of the journey – nearly without words and with a great attention to detail. (Text: Stefan Lüer, translated from German)


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