djummi.021: Dave Schoepke – Drowning In Snow

(deutsche Version)

Dave Schoepke - Drowning In Snow (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi records,

as the point in time may hypothesize, Dave Schoepke from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) is not releasing a bunch of christmas songs with Drowning In Snow, but quite simply his third soloalbum.

Even if two of the four tracks have been released already, I think, the left two unknown have the potential to surprise. Dave continuous his idea of Drums Only, which means to compose just for drums with the aim to narrate, and even spins it out. The collaboration with my humble self on two of the tracks shows this as well as, that Dave’s concept is less dogmatic and open for new ideas from the outside.

I wish you much pleasure with outstanding extraordinary drumming and its reshaping.

djummi djummi

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