djummi.014: Blarg is back with 2 new songs

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Blarg - Freak Me Out / Run My Mouth (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi-records,

for the first two singles of the year 2020 Blarg broke up with the aim to release a single a month. But musically they remain true to themselves. Just like the other 10 singles from 2019 Run My Mouth and Freak Me Out both are again solitaires in puncto musical style.

Run My Mouth is a danceable synth pop track with a coolish mood, where as Freak Me Out is a warming beatpop-like lofi song, which ends up in a dubby outro.

Like all their previous songs Run My Mouth and Freak Me Out can be streamed for free via Bandcamp. Apart from that you’ll find them on your favourite streaming service as well. Have fun listening!

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