Blarg – Singles

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Blarg - Singles (Cover)

Attention – this is something new on djummi-records: A continuously growing release! For the year 2019 Blarg have set the goal to present a song each month. So, if you like, what you hear, keep in touch with the boys either on this site, or on one of the well known music platforms. Guaranteed, you’ll find them at your favourite place.

Blarg are in love with many different styles. Their music oscillates from Psychedelic Rock to Surf, from New Wave back to Rock’n'Roll. The combining element for all is maybe an endearing manner of eccentricity, which becomes sound in form of shrill vocals, noisy fuzz guitars and opulent rock drums. To say it with a tongue twister: “Blarg are crashy catchy, tasty trashy!”

The singles so far …


Will You Love Me Again

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Musik/Recording: Blarg
Produktion/Mixing/Mastering: M. S. Christ

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. Relax, find peace and love yourself again.”
(note: Blarg)



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Music: Blarg
Recording/Production/Mixing: Blarg
Mastering: M. S. Christ

“Who is the Radiohead? Who is in charge? Maybe it’s cooperation or maybe it’s you. This song doesn’t answer, who’s in charge. Just take a look around. Who is creating the soundtrack of your life?” (note: Blarg)

American Pancake: “Blarg out of Germany stir up psyche rock, noise rock, electronic pop, experimental and trap influences into this kind of jammy proto punk / new wave jag.” (April 21, 2019)


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Music: Blarg
Recording/Production: Blarg
Mixing/Mastering: M. S. Christ

“About a soldier who realises he actually doesn’t like to follow the ideology anymore. #whereIsMyInnocence” (note: Blarg)

Grotesqualizer: “Darkness is a lively and fast post-punk pulse, flashback type of vocal broadcasting, Hawkwind-ish cosmic coating and a sharp chorus that fully reflects the message of the song.” (March 29, 2019)


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Music: Blarg
Recording/Production/Mixing/Mastering: Blarg

“Killing makes me feel good.” (note: Blarg)

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