Dave Schoepke – Before Black and White

(deutsche Version)


Music: Dave Schoepke
Recording / Mixing: Dave Schoepke
Mastering: Steve Hamilton (Makin Sausage Music)

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Before Black And White is Dave’s first release on djummi-records and it follows suit with the same sonic and thematic approach of his first solo album Drums On Low, which he released in early 2019. It is entirely played on the drum set and it’s components, done live with no overdubbing or editing.

In doing so Dave’s ambition is it to create songs in the truest sense of the word. His musical pieces, which form this way, are far from jazzy improvisations or fatiguing solos. Instead they are exciting narrative works, each of them telling us about something. In addition this way he manages it to free the drum playing from unnecessary bombast and to unsheathe its sublimity.

The inspiration for single Before Black And White spawns from the thought, that black and white photography was the first real step in the direction of mass documentation of humans to where we have gone to today and reminds one that those things that we hold so dear are not permanent. Like us. Humans focused more on life and living it back then and less on documenting it like we constantly do today. Remember?

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