The Cream Canteens – Moderate Peril

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The Cream Canteens - Cover

Dear friends of djummi-records,

we are on the opinion that three years without having a release is enough. We won’t risk to give the impression “the drops is sucked” at this place. Apropos risk: We are very happy to present The Cream Canteens’ debut Moderate Peril. Tataaa!

Mike Parker-Bray (Keyboard Rebel) and Marco Sebastian Christ (ne:o, Shortcuts) joined to write three bittersweet pop stories dealing with kidnappers, bendy roads and corresponding deeps. The two met in 2009 at the label aaahh-records. Here they released with their bands, which even played a tour together. Subsequently their musical ways crossed again and again. Until they finally decided to connive in 2011.

Those, who are familiar with their musical deeps, maybe get goose pimples right now by figuring out how the coup may have ended. To be on the save side we will open a new drawer for it, which is called: Alternative Ohrwurm!

It’s no use. Have the courage and listen or download for free Moderate Peril.


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