Cinnabar Club – AOTN [single]

(deutsche Version)

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Text/Music/Production: Liam Gourlay
Vocals: Caitlin and Liam Gourlay
Mixing/Production: M. S. Christ
Mastering: Conor Dalton

Artwork: Klaus Christ


Apostle Of The North (AOTN): A song inspired by the medieval Pictish Apostles Ninian and Mungo. Not exactly a common subject for contemporary electronic music, one might think. But Cinnabar Club doesn’t want to be contemporary anyway. Musically, they go back through the decades from electro-pop to Italo-disco to Krautrock. What, Krautrock (or, as we like to say in English: Kosmiche derived from “cosmic music”)? But of course, this style of music is known to be the mother of electronic music, when it was still avant-garde and anything but polished, digital and eclectic and was produced on a farm near Cologne.

The music of Cinnabar Club grows from this spirit. And so it’s only logical that the Scottish duo from Dundee describes their music as (not always) danceable. Electronic music with built-in pitfalls, so to speak, that is anything but genre-specific. And somehow the Pictish Apostles fit into the picture again, don’t you think?

AOTN is the start and makes us eagerly await the EP planned for early 2024.

Besides of the digital download and streaming you can get AOTN on 12″ vinyl as well in a highly limited edition of 10 copies.

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