MARX – Falling Apart [Single]

(deutsche Version)

MARX - Falling Apart

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Text/Music/Production/Mixing: Johannes Marx
Mastering: M. S. Christ

Artwork: Esmee Brendeke


Falling Apart was created during the first Corona lockdown. The band had previously met Get the Blessing bassist Jim Barr, who also plays with Portishead and runs a recording studio in Bristol, on their Italian tour. The idea was born to do a small tour there with concerts on the way, and then record the first MARX single in Jim’s studio. The idea became a plan, and soon everything was booked, organized and the tour bus rented.

But then suddenly all plans had to be thrown overboard because of Corona. Triggered by this, “Falling Apart” was created during this time, which describes the faint with which the pandemic was suddenly faced. So much was thrown overboard or just fell apart. This didn’t stop at the band itself, which changed into a different form at that time: The rather loose MARX collective. Much different, much new.

And yet, in the end, things came full circle at least a little bit: Jim Barr contributed his very own mix of the song.

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