djummi.031: felsteg – Hold

(deutsche Version)

Hold (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi records,

It’s release time again! And it’s always even more exciting when it means welcoming a new artist or band to djummi. The latter is the case today: Welcome, felsteg! That’s Swedish for misstep, but the band is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Does it sound familiar? You guessed it right! Dave Schoepke, whose third solo album was released by djummi in March, comes from this. And as luck would have it, he is part of the duo felsteg with keyboard instrumentalist Matt Meixner.

I’m very happy to present Felsteg’s debut album “Hold” here at djummi. Seven improvisations which the two musicians recorded live together in the studio. Music that can be located between the poles of jazz, krautrock and ambient. Does that sound cerebral and cumbersome? You guessed it wrong: “Hold” is relaxed instrumental music that takes its time, offers captivating arcs of suspense and does so with an unexpected lightness.

I hope you have fun with felsteg.

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