rokotak – Punkt und Komma

(deutsche Version)

rokotak - Punkt und Komma (Cover)

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In Dresden, the CD is available from Grooveamt Records at Rothenburger Str. 24.

Lars Friedrich – Drums (5)
Lex Henrikson – Drums (1, 2, 8, 10)
Tomas Kreibich-Nawka – Keyboards (1, 2, 10)

Text/Music/Production/Mix: Milan Greulich
Mastering: M. S. Christ

Artwork: Milan Greulich


For his sophomore album “Punkt und Komma”, Milan Greulich aka rokotak refines his signature blend of songs with witty german lyrics, americana guitars, and a certain quirky edge. The music is a warm sounding rope swing to sit on and enjoy the often aphoristic musings of a songwriter, who promised himself to never take his own work too seriously.

The hook on “Was macht das schon” features a baritone slide guitar. “Deine Schönheit” sounds like a desert trip (in both senses of the word). In “Lauryn Hill”, a glitchy flanged guitar carries memories of a youth at the dawn of a new millennium. Milan Greulich may be twice as old now as he was back then, but the spirit is still there: “New aches and pains, new addictions, bad eyesight – but the music remains.

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