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The artist collective MARX around the musician Johannes Marx weaves influences and essences of different members into a musical structure made of downtempo, dreamy and mystical components. The music moves between the imaginary Twin Peaks soundtrack and the playlist “slow down and listen to your 3rd eye”.

Live drum loops played by Marco Brosolo, singing by Annette Weller or poems by Mio often form the breeding ground from which the songs written by Johannes Marx grow. The self-developed instruments, controllers and multimedia installations are used live, enabling a performance beyond the classical concert. Poems and verbal contributions will also be experimented with.

MARX – From Here To Where [album, 2023]
MARX – Falling Apart [single] (2023)
MARX – Belonging [single] (2023)
MARX – Suddenly [single] (2023)

Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

16.06.: Live Stream Record Release Show, with Unkenny Valleys (Berlin), starting at 8 p.m. (CET)

Video produced by René Schulz

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