MARX – Suddenly [Single]

(deutsche Version)

MARX - Suddenly

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Text/Music/Production/Mixing: Johannes Marx
Mastering: M. S. Christ

Gestaltung: Esmee Brendeke


Suddenly is MARX’s debut release, which has been written many years ago when MARX still was a solo project.

Guitar, synth bass and voice: With just a few sounds, the song creates goosebumps and immediately gains ohrwurm status with the listener. The lyrics are about the small step from lightness and happiness to doubts and fears and the insecurity when suddenly everything is in question.

The video for “Suddenly”, which was made by longtime friend and director René Schulz on a winter Sunday in the attic of their then still unrenovated house in Berlin Mitte conveys well how much the city has changed since that time.

Video produced by René Schulz

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