ne:o – illoj

(deutsche Version)

ne:o - illoj (Cover)

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In Dresden, the CD is available from Grooveamt Records at Rothenburger Str. 24.

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Music: ne:o (except “parte”, music by Alejandro Remeseiro)
Mastering: Lorenz Vauck

Joana Fuckner, violine on “je länger”
Daniel Kindlimann, trumpet and saxophone on “nichts genaues”

Artwork: Marco Sebastian Christ

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


Almost 14 years have passed since this record came out in spring 2009 and now I’m sitting here writing a new release text. Why am I doing this, you ask, and what comes to my mind after all this time?

Back then, the release text to the record came from the folks at aaahh-records, the netlabel that first released “illoj”. That was a small sensation for the band ne:o. Because aaahh-records was considered to be one of the most exciting, innovative and perhaps also most watched in the netaudio scene of the late noughties among the netlabels of the time.

For me personally, the album is something very special. I hadn’t experienced such community work before, and I haven’t experienced it again since. The record was made possible by various fortunate circumstances that coincided in the period 2006-2008. The band consisted of five musicians who were on friendly terms beyond making music (and still are today). They all brought plenty of time with them and were able to fully engage in the ne:o adventure. And each of them, with their own musical background and preferences, had good ideas that flowed into the songs. The way we worked on the recordings intensively and with concentration still impresses me to this day. Back then we had the feeling that we knew and thought through every single note and every single beat of the music. Of course, that was sometimes exhausting. Much was discussed, tried out, discarded and decided.

With the unfortunate end of aaahh-records, the many great releases lovingly curated by the label also disappeared from its website. Most of them, since they were licensed under a Creative Commons license and also deposited at, could still be found on the web. But I always wanted to give our record a real home again. What would have been more obvious than releasing it here on djummi records?

And here we are. The music is still the same. No remastering was done either. Nine strange tracks somewhere between post-rock, pop, ambient and electro that still work for me today, musically and also in terms of production. “Parte” deserves a special mention: It is the cover version of the song “parte de la produccion” by the Spanish musician Alejandro Remeseiro aka konsumprodukt, and it is the only track on the album with vocals.


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