Single: rokotak – Nur zum Teil ein Witz

(deutsche Version)

rokotak - Nur zum Teil ein Witz (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi-records,

Piece by piece, Milan Greulich aka rokotak reveals the secret of his forthcoming new album. “Nur zum Teil ein Witz” (“only partly a joke”) is the second single, with which he thematically tackles the fear of the approaching end of the world and finds de-escalating words.

In the here and now, rokotak sounds a lot rockier than on his debut from 2021. The first single “Ehrliches Gesicht” already provided a foretaste of this, with “Nur zum Teil ein Witz” he steps it up a notch.

Currently playing with a band, rokotak can be experienced live these days. On 10/15 he plays old and new songs in a quartet at the Veränderbar in Dresden.

And now let’s get the world explained. Enjoy “Nur zum Teil ein Witz”!

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