rokotak – Nur zum Teil ein Witz [Single]

(deutsche Version)

rokotak - Nur zum Teil ein Witz (Cover)

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Lars Friedrich – Schlagzeug

Music/Production/Mixing: Milan Greulich
Mastering: M. S. Christ

Artwork: Milan Greulich


What does a songwriter do about the feeling that the world is crumbling down? Well, he writes a song about it. At least that’s what Milan Greulich aka rokotak did for his new single. An edgy synth blends with fuzzy guitars, making “Nur zum Teil ein Witz” rokotak’s punchiest and least retro sounding release so far. And the catchy chorus is as international as the bad news we hear and see every day. Can this give you hope in these strange times? Well, we think it does.

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