rokotak – Riech an Blumen (Und merk dir ihre Namen)

(deutsche Version)

rokotak - Riech an Blumen (Und merk dir ihre Namen) (Cover)

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Alexander Schmidt – drums and percussion (1, 2, 4, 8, 10)
Sebastian Lebelt-Förster – acoustic guitar (5)

Music/Production/Mixing: Milan Greulich
Mastering: M. S. Christ

Artwork: Milan Greulich / Marion Waldhauer

This album is dedicated to the memory of Tom “Yossarian” Butlin.


rokotak in bloom

Rhododendron is a nice flower, evergreening, usually not to be found on strands. It is widely distributed between latitudes 80°N and 20°S. Its name derives from Ancient Greek and litarally means rose tree. If you ever intend to impress someone you fancy, it might be worth a try to present a couple of plant and flower facts like these, but possibly the more promising approach would be an actual bouquet. This is, however, not the way of thinking you’ll find in rokotak’s oeuvre.

He wants it all: Smell the Flowers and (!) Remember Their Names – the title of his first full studio album. In this case it actually may be a bit difficult to remember anything, because rokotak – a native of Upper Lusatia in the far-flung east of Germany – recorded his bouquet of songs in – you guessed it – German. So, if you listen to his fine collection of twelve calming folk rock songs, you will probably miss that one part, why there is no better moment to get drunk as when the clouds break open and the sun reappears. Or that other one, that discusses why happiness might be the most compelling lie.

But who needs those words, if the air of it all is enchanting enough? Comforting tunes full of heart and warmth. Who needs to speculate about botanical names? Sweet scents and pretty blooms infatuate without explanation. (Text: Henning Cordes)

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