Dave Schoepke – Bionic [Single]

(deutsche Version)


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Music / Recording / Mixing: Dave Schoepke
Mastering / Artwork: M. S. Christ

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


Bionic was written and recorded in the fall of 1992 and originally released only in cassette form for the Moloko Shivers album Off Kilter in 1993 and otherwise has never been heard anywhere else. It is Dave’s first official attempt at multi-tracking drum set. Recorded in the basement of a Waukesha Wisconsin tavern Peabody’s on an old 1980′s Teac 8 track 1/2″ reel to reel machine.

The main theme of the piece is influenced by the John Bonham song Bonzo’s Montreux. Dave took his layering and periodic breakdown approach and applied his own series of grooves and textures. Using drum kit, multiple tracked snares, concert toms, cymbals, and mini congas he recorded each part akin to the orchestration of concert percussion. The added non-drums element is a multi tracked bass guitar played by scratching an old microphone over the strings creating a slightly vicious sound to cap the piece off.

Revived in 2021, a new mastering was applied to bring the sound of Bionic up to date and ready for a formal introduction to the digital age!

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