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Photo: Matej Zieschwauck

Milan Greulich from Bautzen in Upper Lusatia/Germany started playing the guitar at the age of 16. Soon he discovered that writing songs was as intriguing as playing them. From 1995, he played guitar with The Remedies, who named themselves after a Black Crowes song and influenced younger bands in the area, including the later Silbermond. In the 2000s, Milan Greulich played tricky instrumental music with ne:o from Dresden. From 2011, he plays guitar with the indiefolk band bergen and he is part of the artist collective aaahhchestra. His own music he releases under the name of rokotak.

rokotak – Herbstlied 2023 [single] (2023)
rokotak – Punkt und Komma (2023)
rokotak – Weihnachten in der Wüste [single] (2022)
rokotak – Nur zum Teil ein Witz [single] (2022)
rokotak – Ehrliches Gesicht [single] (2022)
rokotak – Herbstlied [single] (2021)
rokotak – Riech an Blumen (Und merk dir ihre Namen) (2021)
rokotak – Emma [single] (2021)
rokotak – Geister EP (2020)

Radio features:
MDR Kultur Studiosession

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01.06.24: Kulturgarten, Bautzen, 19:30 h | with band
25.11.23: Musikkombinat/Radio T, Chemnitz, 20 h | with band
09.09.23: The Sound Of Bronkow Festival, Dresden/Societätstheater, 15:00 h | with band (trio)
25.06.23: Kulturgarten, Bautzen, 19:30 h | solo
01.07.23: Veränderbar, Dresden, 20:30 h | with band
15.10.22: Veränderbar, Dresden, 20:30 h | with band [CANCELLED, new date will be named soon]
25.08.22: Kulturgarten, Bautzen, 19:30 h | with band

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