aaahhchestra – Bralitz Vol. 2

(deutsche Version)

aaahhchestra - Bralitz Vol. 2 (Cover)

In the Morning (Falcon)
Winter (Parker-Bray)
Holy Bread (Falcon)
Things You Know (O’Callaghan)
Marrying Kind (Falcon)
Miss You (Parker-Bray)

Recording/Mixing/Mastering: Milan Greulich

Nicolas Falcon – voice, guitar, drums
Mike Parker-Bray – voice, guitar, bass, keys, flute
Tim O’Callaghan – guitar, voice
Kate Reynolds – flute, voice, percussion
Denis Osborne – guitar, drums, voice
Rob Jackson – cornet, drums, guitar, voice
Tom Butlin – keys, bass, guitar
Milan Greulich – guitar

Artwork: Patrick Wolter

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Miss You – Video:

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Creative Commons License
This album is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

At the end of August in 2013, the stage in the old Bralitz railway station served two different purposes: It was the epicentre of aaahh record’s first festival – and the days before, the former waiting hall was a recording studio. This was where the festival anthem “Miss You“ was created. And at the festival’s finale, the crowd joined in.

djummi dedicates this release to the memory of Keyboard Rebel and aaahhchestra member Tom, who died in a tragic accident early this year. As an example of his very special approach to music and life, here’s a little anecdote Milan recalled:

“I remember that on one of our first recording sessions in Bralitz, Tom played a keyboard part to one of the songs we were working on, I think it was “Angela“. I told Tom the part sounded a bit off to me. He said something like “Yes, that’s the point.” And he was right, wasn’t he?”

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