aaahhchestra (Braaahhlitz-Festival band)

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Photo: Simon Bierwald

About the aaahh-Festival:

“Looking back, it’s a bit peculiar how our little festival with the three A’s and two H’s got started. It all began with the net label aaahh records, which Christian, Henning, Jochen, and Patrick founded in Bielefeld in 2007. Back then, downloads and CC licenses were something completely new, streaming music was yet to come.

We worked together at campus radio Hertz 87.9 and had a notion the internet was going to change something. So we used our passion for music to give young musicians a new opportunity to share and spread their music.

We were successful with this. But after some years and a couple of releases by bands from Canada, the United States, England, Italy, and Germany, and after having met some of these artists in person, we came up with a new idea. The internet was indeed the place where music would be shared from now on, but it’s a rather impersonal place.

That was why we put together a tour with Keyboard Rebel from Manchester an ne:o from Dresden. Traveling around Germany showed us once more: The net is a splendid medium for contacting people and spreading the word, but bringing people together is the greatest joy and source of inspiration.

So, we came up with the idea to invite all our artists to meet up and play music for a week. It wasn’t the Brandenburg countryside yet, but a farmhouse in Denmark. There we spent a week with about 20 people, became somewhat nocturnal, shot a music video in a jacuzzi (in one night!) and recorded a whole album.

Denmark was fun, but a bit far away. We needed a new place and found it by coincidence in the area where Christian and Patrick grew up: The old railway station Bralitz-Oderberg. The location, the house, the owner, and gear we could use – it was perfect.

In 2012 we met in Bralitz for the first time, and again the musicians came. They became some sort of a family. That year, we wanted to try an idea we already had in Denmark. We didn’t just want to play and record music, but to arrange a concert at the end of the week. Again, back from virtual space to the material realm.

The concert was just the beginning and the following year we organized a small festival: the Braaahhlitz Festival.

We did this four times, before we had to take a break due to family reasons. We still consider it a break, though.”
(text: Jochen)

About the aaahhchestra:

The aaahhchestra is not a band. At least they are not playing or rehearsing on a regular basis. But this loose group of musicians embodies everything that makes a great band: People create something together which is greater than the sum of its parts. That special kind of magic, you know. All these musicians have released music on the netlabel aaahh records before, with the bands Keyboard Rebel and ne:o, or Nicolas Falcon as a solo artist. From 2012 to 2016, they gathered in changing constellations on the occasion of the annual Braaahhlitz Festivals in Brandenburg, to work on songs and record them together.

Bralitz Vol. 1 (2012)
Bralitz Vol. 2 (2013)
Bralitz Vol. 3 (2013)

Links: Bandcamp

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