aaahhchestra – Bralitz Vol. 1

(deutsche Version)

aaahhchestra - Bralitz Vol. 1 (Cover)

Angela (Mike Parker-Bray)
Character In Search Of a Song (Jackson/O’Callaghan/Dreier)
Easy To Say (Falcon)
Contender (Mike Parker-Bray)
Balkan Chameleon (Falcon)
Horsemen (Helen Parker-Bray)
Premodern Toss (Butlin)
Mono (O’Callaghan)

Recording/Mixing/Mastering: Milan Greulich

Mike Parker-Bray – voice, guitar, bass, keys, flute
Nicolas Falcon – voice, guitar, banjo, drums, percussion
Rob Jackson – cornet, drums, guitar, voice, programming
Tim O’Callaghan – guitar, voice
Tom Butlin – keys, voice, bass, guitar, recorder
Kate Reynolds – flute, voice, percussion
Milan Greulich – guitar, bass
Jochen Dreier – voice on “Character In Search Of a Song”
The aaahh family – party crowd on “Balkan Chameleon”

Artwork: Patrick Wolter

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Creative Commons License
This album is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

The music you are listening to was recorded in the last week of August 2012 in Bralitz/Brandenburg, Germany. That year, there wasn’t a festival yet, just a small concert at the end of the week. So there was plenty of time to play music.

The basic tracks with guitars, drums and bass were mostly recorded live, on a stage in the old railway station’s former waiting hall. After that, the musicians from the aaahh-records family contributed their parts. No boundaries – there is soul infused pop, folky acoustic songs, quirky raps, and beautiful melodies.

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