Breakup-Party – Ghosts

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Breakup Party - Ghosts (Cover)

Lyrics / Songs: Christian Ehrich
Music: Breakup-Party
Recording / Mixing: Steffen Koritsch
Mastering: Emanuel Uch
Artwork: Steffen Koritsch (Texture of cover image is taken from “All”-series by Sutter/Schramm)

Breakup-Party would like to thank Marco Sebastian Christ and Jan Kürschner for technical support.

This album is completely diy recorded and mixed with Reaper on Linux.

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This record stops me. It detains and thrills me.

Right from the first bars an excitement arises, whose bow reaches to the end of the album. The charismatic singing gets my attention, and I follow on its shimmering melody paths up to the texts with edges. Before I first get rocked by the inventive drums and the fuzz guitars ruin my hair. “Ghosts” enters my ears and jack-knifes immediately.

Up next I notice unrest, a constant subtle nervousness. Something’s seething, the premonition of desired and inevitably upcoming uncompromising change. The “where’s my mind” feeling creeps over me and in my mind’s eye I see skyscrapers collide. The songs are telling from the struggle to love and to live, from social conventions and the desperate wish to get rid of them.

I like the “Pop” this way: When in fact this music is banging in the true sense of the word. Catchy and radical! And together with the fellows Indie and Noise “Ghosts” ranges from doubting fragile to resolute explosive: passionately, unsparingly and glamorously!

And also something else makes this album special to me: In spite of all this (indie) pop appeal Breakup-Party displays, I perceive the music as natural and authentic. Listening to it I come across a musical and substantial depth, which maybe just is possible with musicians, who are good old friends. (Text: Marco Sebastian Christ)


Divide and Conquer, 22.02.18

Breakup-Party’s album Ghosts is a masterfully arranged and recorded album.

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