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Shortcuts are Andreas Jürgen Richard Otto Schulze aka Lindbergh, as a juvenile once GDR-champion in foil fencing, Marco Sebastian Christ, retired basketball player and maybe known as one member of the band ne:o, plus Julia Stephan, active skin diver, who can hold her breath for 2,06 minutes and is playing drums for the Flanschies. Their music, which can be called “modern songwriting” in the truest sense of the word, is affected by a certain aspect: All beats and electronics are created with up to date gameboys.

As the band’s name indicates, their songs bear a likeness to a tidy The-Smiths-haircut. Fairly short in the back and on either side, a bit longer on top and on the front, and all the grey hairs stay where they are. Amusing stories on catchy guitars, pure or bedded in electronics, with a breeze of blues and lots of greens from The Cure to Archive, from Billy Bragg to John Lee Hooker.

And now enjoy the meal!

Andreas Schulze: vocals, guitar, gameboys
Julia Stephan: drums, percussion, vocals
Marco Sebastian Christ: guitar, keyboards, vocals

Releases: [djummi.002] – Thanks, I Feel Fine (2012)

Links: Website | Jamendo | Sonicsquirrel | Archive


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