djummi.008: Breakup-Party – Ghosts

(deutsche Version) Dear friends of djummi-records, before it’s getting thoughtful, djummi is going to make some rock once more. With the ghostly Breakup-Party and their album “Ghosts” at that. After the instrumental postrock by the bands Llankrú and menkenkes, now … get more

Sonicsquirrel is under construction!

Hello friends of djummi, maybe you have already noticed it: The “download-for-free” links are broken, due to the fact, that djummi’s host is working on their system at the moment. But they will be back soon. In the meantime … get more

djummi.007: Llankrú – Llankrú

(deutsche Version) Dear friends of djummi, “anfang august ende september” was menkenkes, middle of October is Llankrú. That’s the name of another Dresden based band, whose self-titled debut now comes out with, considering djummi’s standards, a rather unusual release intervall. … get more

Menkenkes is on the radio

Wonderfull! Menkenkes and 4 other very nice bands are presented by the German radio station and its programme Musikzimmer Demoecke. During the next month you can vote for them to become “Band of the Month” in the end. Wouldn’t … get more

menkenkes – anfang august ende september

(deutsche Version) Photo: Reiko Fitzke Ahoj all together, If not now in the summer slump, when is the perfect moment to discover the new djummi release? 11 songs, like short stories, as a whole a real album. Just short enough … get more

The Cream Canteens – Moderate Peril

(deutsche Version) Dear friends of djummi-records, we are on the opinion that three years without having a release is enough. We won’t risk to give the impression “the drops is sucked” at this place. Apropos risk: We are very happy … get more

djummi.004: Zeus Scientist – Zeus LP

(deutsche Version) Hello again, more or less in time for our first anniversary we are back not just with another release. For djummi.004 we come up with a real sensation! One year ago a graduate student from Princeton University, New … get more

Let’s Remix “Girl, are you crazy?”

We love remixes and we love to remix. What about you? Tending to Huey, which came out on djummi-records last November with their album “Poison Apple” believe in the remix culture as well. And therefore they want to share the … get more

The story about the poisoned apple …

We had the pleasure to experience Tending to Huey as a live-act first. On this years Umsonst & Draußen Festival in Dresden they played on early saturday evening, after a strong wind had blown away the dark rain clouds so … get more

Recommended: IOKA!

I love songs! In other words: Pieces of music, which are telling a story and which have a beginning and an ending – as for me without vocals as well. That something like this is happening in the field of … get more

The story so far … and our 2nd release

djummi-records‘ first weeks have been very eventful! Our compilation Djummix 1 – Crosstown Traffic has been downloaded nearly 300 times and got some nice feedback from different blogs (onda66 / Pop-O-Mat). And people were interested in our label itself so … get more

Here we go!

Da hätten wir nach all der Arbeit für unsere erste Veröffentlichung fast vergessen, die Gläser zu heben und auf den Start von djummi-records anzustoßen. Doch manchmal braucht es nur einen kleinen Schubs, um alles in Bewegung zu setzen. So brachte … get more

Djummi, djummi!

It took us one complete year to invent and build djummi-records. But finally we are now able to fill our sites with content. djummi-records can be seen as a mixture of a (net-)label, a music-blog and an intersection of a … get more

Why in English?

You wonder why our websites are in English? Definitely it’s not because of our language abilities. It’s because we not just want Dresden boys and girls to understand what’s going on at djummi-records. Music is international and therefore we’d like … get more

We launch djummi-records soon!

Currently we are busy to finish the work on the djummi-sites and hopefully we’ll start the label with a first release in a few weeks. So, be already surprised and stay tuned.