Single: Dave Schoepke – Stunted

(deutsche Version)

Dave Schoepke - Stunted (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi records,

only four weeks to go till Dave Schoepke’s EP Drowning In Snow will be released on November 22th. After the single Bionic djummi now presents a second foretaste of the little album to shorten the wait.

Stunted discloses a first secret, which hides behind this release. Dave worked together with me on this piece of music and on another one. For it, I got inspirated by his ideas and spun them further with my own sound palette. Dave’s drums only approach was not been weakened by it, but expanded hopefully. Like Bionic Stunted has got human progress as a loose topic in the background. Its thrilling and oppressive mood, the title and cover in sum speak for itself, I guess.

So, much pleasure with Stunted and please always take care, where you park your car!

djummi djummi

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