djummi.019: Swimming Monkey – Overdrive

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Swimming Monkey - Overdrive (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi-records,

From the exterior view during the year 2020 djummi-records was solely affected by the two serialised releases “Blarg Singles” and “aaahhchestra Bralitz Recordings”. By the way: Both aren’t finished yet and will play a role in the upcoming year again. But behind the curtain there was even more thinking and struggles for possible and most likely releases.

At least one of these ideas has become reality just before the end of the year. And for me it’s a great pleasure to not just announce a new musician, but also to break the ground musically. US-american multiinstrumentalist James Rutherford is Swimming Monkey and “Overdrive” is the name of his album, which stands out due to true Progressive Rock heavy weights, which sometimes dirft off to Pop, sometimes to Wave or even Industrial. With elaborate arrangements and rich instrumentations. Not necessarily light fare, but nevertheless tempting and sometimes a challenge. Maybe music from a different decade, but timeless.

And now don’t hesitate to listen to this fantastic full length album!

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