djummi.017: aaahhchestra – Bralitz Vol. 2

(deutsche Version)

aaahhchestra - Bralitz Vol. 2 (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi-records,

Things could have moved faster, but anyway: I am very happy to release Vol. 2 of the aaahh-records Bralitz recordings today!

It was the year 2013, when aaahh-records’ Braaahhlitz Festival took place the first time, after 2012 there was just a label intern get-together of artists, label people and friends at the old railway station. On Friday there were the concerts. But the days before, again the aaahhchestra found time and ideas to make a bunch of fantastic songs.

This release goes along with thoughts of aaahhchestra’s member Tom, who got killed in a tragic accident at the beginning of this year. I keep him in mind as an extraordinary (-terrestrial) musician and as a person with a wonderful humour.

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