djummi.014: Blarg – Turtles On The Run

(deutsche Version)

Blarg - Turtles On The Run (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi-records,

With their latest single Blarg show, how wide the spectrum of Psychodelic Rock can be. Because Turtles On The Run does even more than just playing with the genre 80ies Italo Pop. Have a guess, who I see in front of my inner eye playing the funky guitar?

djummi is a little late with presenting this single as it already was released by the band in December. But that’s ok. In the meantime Blarg are having a break and will not come up with a new single before next month.

Like all their previous songs Turtles On The Run can be streamed for free via Bandcamp. Apart from that you’ll find it on your favourite streaming service. Have fun listening!

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