djummi.016: aaahhchestra – Bralitz Vol.1

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aaahhchestra - Bralitz Vol. 1 (Cover)

Dear friends of,

It’s always great when a new djummi release is going online. But this one is even more special. It makes me happy because of several reasons.

In the late 2000er and early 2010er years aaahh-records was one of the most exciting netlabels, which had crossed my way. It presented new music, namely non-electronic stuff, which came from solo artists and bands, that played their tracks live, which was unconventional for a netlabel at that time. It also thought about alternative ways to reach its audience differently, for example by organizing concerts and even whole tours for the artists. aaahh-records made netaudio offline. That was new and necessary. It experimented with remix calls, for which aaahhrtists got in creative exchange with each other, it offered and designed physical copies of the releases to make the music haptic again. For me personally aaahh-records was special, because it liked the music of my former band ne:o and released our album “illoj” in 2009. Finally we became friends with the labelheads and with some of their artists.

aaahh-records wondered about it and went the way further on consequently. It invented a yearly meeting, at which all interested aaahh-family members could join, exchange or make music with each other. The concept worked out very well and after a first try in Danmark 2011 soon one year later the place was found, where the workshop week should envolve into a nice little music festival: Known as the Braaahhlitz-Festival in Bralitz/Brandenburg.

In the course of the festival the aaahhchestra was formed. It was some kind of a festival band, consisting of musicians, who had released on aaahh-records. I always had the wish, to join them once a day, but unfortunately that never happened. But luckily I had been able to visit the festival a few times as a guest and twice as a musician, performing live with the bands shortcuts and ne:o.

In Bralitz the story of aaahh-records reached its peak, but also its end for the time being. In 2016 the last festival took place, the label went offline and still is. (It’s definitely just hibernation. Some day they’ll be back!)

In each year from 2011-2016 the aaahhchestra wrote and recorded songs in changing line-ups. They all were mixed and mastered by Milan Greulich, aaahhchestra member right from the beginning. And of course it would have been consequent, if aaahh-records had released the music, but they didn’t have the chance to make it happen in the last years.

With complaisant agreement by the aaahh-records team and thanks to Milan’s curation instead all these recordings will now be released here on djummi-records by and by. It begins with Bralitz Vol. 1 from the year 2012, which in fact had been released already by aaahh-records. But for the sake of completeness and because of the fact, that it’s only available via, it will be re-released.

And now switch over to the release page, whether you are one of the lucky insiders or you have never heard of the aaahh-universe till now. Have fun with some really charming music!

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