djummi.015: Dave Schoepke – Before Black and White

(deutsche Version)

Dave Schoepke - Before Black and White (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi-records,

till now the guys from Blarg jollied us along here on djummi this year so far. Don’t worry, this will still continue for a while. But with the slowly starting end of the year some more sounds are going to join.

It starts with the single release by the drummer Dave Schoepke. Before Black and White is a song exclusively written for drumset, which definitely provoke usual listening habits kindly. His percussion instrument becomes a storyteller. No longer convinient drumbeat, but sounding drums. Dave causes the drumheads to oscillate, so that you inevitably start to pause and pay attention.

Before Black and White is a thrilling composition, which tries to find answers to the question, what may have happened in the meantime, that in the past diaries were locked, written for just oneself or maybe for posterity, but today people share their privacy via social media and best in realtime with everyone.

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