djummi.014: Blarg – Never Wanted To Go (Singles)

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Blarg - Never Wanted To Go (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi-records,

it’s time for another Blarg tune: Never Wanted To Go is a song with a serious subject telling the story of losing a person. The song shows up as a shallow, but melancholic trap-like pop tune. (Which spontaneously reminds me of a Jay-Jay Johanson mood by the way.) But in contrast to it on board there’s also this slowed down narrative spoken words part. Something we know well from progressive Blues Rock of the Seventies: Think of Eric Burdon’s performances or of the fantastic Hang On To A Dream by The Nice. Great, how Blarg inweaves these different styles with each other fluently and even in radio suitable 4:40 minutes length.

Like all their previous songs Never Wanted to Go can be streamed for free via Bandcamp. Apart from that you’ll find it on your favourite streaming service. Have fun listening!

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