djummi.014: Blarg – Suburban Lawn (Singles)

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Blarg - Suburban Lawn (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi-records,

who think of the beginning of Lynch’s exhilarated entertaining film Blue Velvet, when dealing with the term Suburban Lawn? Blarg definitely not! They have the californian Post Punk band Suburban Lawns on their mind and ask the question, where singer Sue actually got to. Relevant information about her disappearance can be given to the label head or to Tom and Theo directly.

By the way: Blarg’s Suburban Lawn does not stand behind the songs of the said band in puncto energy, eagerness to experiment and surprise potential. Autotuned 60ies-Noise-Beat is the formular for the August-single!

Like all their previous songs Suburban Lawn can be streamed for free via Bandcamp. Apart from that you’ll find it on your favourite streaming service. Have fun listening!

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